Custom Development

  • Build a new custom solution for your existing website on PHP.
  • Improve/upgrade existing functionality.
  • Integrate 3rd party services into your website.
  • Add new features to the existing functionality.
$499 USD
Time frame 4 days

You get:

  • Get a custom plugin that does exactly what you need.
  • Automate a business process with a new plugin or modifying existing functionality.
  • Integrate 3rd party extensions and services.
  • Upgrade old code with new standards.
  • Increase website performance by refactoring old, outdated code.
  • Optimize website performance and increase security.
  • Fix old bugs or change functional process flow entirely.
  • Replace old hacks with modern, effective solutions.

WordPress, Joomla!, PHP, JavaScript, React, Node.js, PWA

Custom Development

Service variations


New Custom Solution

There is always a situation when you can't get exactly what you want from the solutions currently available on the market. This is natural, as no one can predict exactly someone's website configuration and an environment it is deployed in.

In this situation, an individual Custom Solution will perfectly match your needs, as you will get a unique product that will perfectly fit all requirements and conditions currently present.


Modify Existing Code

As your website matures and your business grows you always need new features and options to reflect new features, options, changes in company on your website.

Sometimes it's only content update, but when you have real changes in your business, you always need some functionality changes. There is always something you want to improve or something that wasn't done properly before.

In any case, customizations are the most wanted jobs for the existing websites.


Integrate 3rd Party Service

Integrating a 3rd party service has become very popular, with lots of services offering their APIs to embed their solutions and libraries onto the customers' websites.

Google Services, payment processors, remote data storage are a few to name. There are so many specific niches and service providers that allow to access their functionality for a relatively small fee.

What is included

What is included

Every Custom Development project is unique and never has the same terms or goals. We calculated the price of a minimal service cost for this type of projects, that includes following activities.

Discussing the options to find the best and effective solution, considering environment and configuration.

Downloading existing environment to work in our sandbox to prevent data loss or visitors' negative experience.

10-hours development process to implement the changes discussed and test functionality/design.

Approval of customization on our server account to make sure all was implemented correctly and satisfy client needs.

Syncing customization to live website and making sure it works correctly there and looks great.

How it works

How it works

Fill in order form to contact our manager and start project discussion.

Clarify the needs, set terms and get an invoice for the service.

Pay the invoice and provide an access data to a live or development account.

Review a beta and make the notes if you find any mismatch.

Approve it when all is correct and go live!


Development process

Discuss the scope

It is important to make sure all details are discussed before a project starts. There is no limit to anything in terms of design or functionality. Leave it to us to use our experience and creativity to find the best viable options for your needs.

Get a quote

After the scope was discussed and fixed, we go through possible known solutions and custom options to develop exactly what is requested.

Pay and provide the access

After the invoice is paid (full or 50%, depending on a budget) we need the access to the live account to copy the environment and start the development process.

Development and testing

These 2 processes always go concurrently after the key functions or design changes were implemented. The more changes the project includes, the longer and more thorough the testing will be.

Presenting a beta

After all changes are made and tested, we upload a copy of the clients' environment onto our server for a demo. It is a safe sandbox to test a customization and see how it will look and work on live.

Approval and going live

When a client reviews the scope and make sure all is up to specification discussed, we sync all the changes to a live account and make sure all work the same as on our sandbox server.


Before you start

For the best experience and effective cooperation, we demand the following aspects to be available before the work on a Custom Development project starts.

Clarify the scope, time frame and technologies used on this project. By default, we can choose any solution or option if it was not clearly specified before a project starts.

Provide full (cPanel, FTP, Super Admin) access to live/staging hosting account where eventually results must be installed and tested. If 3rd party service is involved, we need either developer or live access beforehand.

Pay 50% advance if a project costs more than $1000 USD or full sum, if less.  This is our standard approach to all projects, which proved its efficiency and shows seriousness of client's intetions.

Add Website
Admin access
Admin URL
FTP access
FTP access is required to be able to carefully modify our application files when searching for and debugging bugs you find
Joomla! folder path
if the FTP connection test fails, but you are sure that the data is correct, please write us about it