3 most popular Joomla gallery features

Gallery Websites

05 September 2018

Joomla gallery is so nuanced. There are many possibilities for your choice. Some functionalities make it easier to work with a gallery for everyone, others help with a narrow range of business needs. We will tell you about the most popular Joomla gallery features among our customers. Why they are needed, how to use them and whether you need them.

Front-end Manager makes photo and video items upload and gallery management easier. If you regularly update content on a website and often upload photos and videos then this feature would be your time saver. You won’t have to go into Joomla! admin panel and browse through its numerous links and sections. Front-end Manager allows you to focus on gallery features with its simple and focused on gallery needs intuitive interface.

Custom Size allows to control photo size without quality loss. A page would load faster and you still have a high quality images as a result. All you need to do is to set top dimensions you may require on your website. After that all existing or newly uploaded images will be automatically resized to set size limit keeping their ratio and stored at the highest quality. At the same time original files are stored on your server allowing you to resize images at any time going up and down in dimensions selecting the best parameters for your website look and performance. It can be helpful for shoes and clothes catalogs, photographers’ or designers’ portfolios.

Tag Gallery allows building a gallery defined by tags through all items stored in a gallery on your website. It can be really handy when you have many photos or videos which can logically go into several galleries, but you don’t want to duplicate them. If you have a wedding dresses catalog you can create a gallery with tags #longdress #silk #ivorycolor and this page would have all images and videos that have these tags disregarding the galleries they are located at.

You can try FREE Light version to use basic gallery features or go straight to Grand version and enjoy the benefits of advanced options described above. If you want to know what other extensions can help you with Joomla photo gallery, reach our support team through your Fastw3b account, please. Describe how you use your gallery and what is your desired work process to let support agents provide you with other tools or suggestions to help with your needs.

Sergiy Gorstka, The head of development

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