FW Real Estate Data Management: backup and restore functionality

Property Websites

10 May 2019

Fasw3b team has come up with a new solution to FW Real Estate data management - backup and restore functionality. Backup and restore functionality is an efficient solution for real estate websites to easily backup and restore properties, agents, and images data within a short time period. 

Saving backup files on a regular basis is an efficient web maintenance practice for real estate websites. Backup files can be easily restored if anything goes wrong. It is highly important to do backups in the following cases: 
  • When there is a need to make a backup copy to protect your data against loss, corruption or human error.
  • When there is a need to move data from one website to another.
  • Before any major work of your real estate website.
If you need to apply bulk changes to all properties on your website without configuring each particular property individually, you can use CSV import/export functionality. CSV import/export allows to easily export properties data, apply changes to the required data, and import the changed data back to the component.  
If you need to keep your website up-to-date with the latest properties listings on the marketplace, MLS/IDX/XML integration is a sound solution for you. MLS/IDX/XML integration allows to easily synchronize your properties listings with MLS/IDX database. 
FW Real Estate provides you with a range of data management tools and functionalities. Backup and restore to ensure the security of your data, use import/export functionality to apply bulk changes to your properties listings, and automatically synchronize with properties database to keep your content up to date. Get familiar with FW Real Estate documentation to find more information about our product.