• Custom Development

    There is always something you want to improve on your website if it is live and used by customers. In the variety of technologies and server configurations, it is difficult to find an out-of-the-box product that can be installed to fulfil the next need. This is where our Custom Development service comes handy. Get the expert to find the best solution for the need you have within the existing environment.



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  • Website Development

    Looking for a reliable and professional team to build your new website? You found it! Years of non-stop website development with a team of developers and designers allowed to shape the best practices on how to approach, plan, develop and hand over a new website to a client. We know available solutions on the market, we track design trends, we have feedback from our clients to apply this experience on other projects.



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  • Website Upgrade

    Your website is live and serves the customers? There is always something to add, fix or integrate. Starting with functionality, that is never enough or smooth. Moving on to design that just must be refreshed or improved from time to time. Paying attention to optimization of the overall website performance or database query speed. And finally, tweaking SEO friendliness to maintain high search ranking and customer usability.



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    Custom Development

    Get a PHP/JS custom solution that matches your needs and environment configuration.

    Term: 4 days
    Price: $499 USD

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    Website Development

    Get a brand-new functional website with reliable CMS, solid design and SEO friendly.

    Term: 14 days
    Price: $3,499 USD

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    Website Upgrade

    Get a fresh look for your website, update the code, optimize performance, improve SEO.

    Term: 10 days
    Price: $2,499 USD

new designs

New FW Gallery concept: platform with add-ons

FW Gallery has evolved into a multiple add-ons concept. Now there are no Light and Grand versions. It is the only FW Gallery component with extra add-ons split into free and paid which corresponds to former Light and Grand versions.

Add-ons are different types of Joomla extensions designed to work and adding extra functionality to FW Gallery. Each addon has its own configuration specifics, icon, and banner. You can see add-ons in action on FW Gallery demo website.

Add-ons section

All add-ons can be managed there. You can enable/disable and filter them by type using this section. There are the following add-ons types available - plugins, modules, designs, components, and data type.

Separate designs

Big news is that we separated all designs from the core system and each other. Now each design can be enhanced and improved independently from the others.

Benefits of the new concept

Check key benefits of the conceptual and structural change below:

  • All functions are clearly visible. Now features are listed in the Add-ons section and you can turn them on and off as you wish. Disabling unwanted features reduces memory footprint and improves performance as a result.
  • Quick and easy support.  Since the add-ons are independent from the core system and each other, they need much less interaction, testing and become less “buggy”. This eliminates the need for handling multiple failures as a result. Now we can directly address the issue points without wasting time on spotting them. Consequently, the new structure eliminates testing of the entire code, just a small piece of it.  
  • Quick response to customers’ suggestions. Now we can quickly implement customer’s ideas without applying time-consuming modifications to the core system and cross-test the new functionality with other existing features. 

Backup/restore functionality

This solution will secure your data against loss before migrating to the latest version. Backup your existing galleries before migrating to a new version. After the upgrade, you will be able to easily restore the files.

As you can see, the nature of a new FW Gallery concept comes with sustainable advantages such as enhanced flexibility, simplicity, and maintainability. Help us to improve by sharing your experience with our product. Feel free to submit your feedback on our new concept and architecture using Suggest an Idea form in your client section. Get familiar with FW Gallery documentation to find more information about our product. Please use the comments section at the bottom of each documentation page to comment and suggest improvements that will make the product experience better.

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