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Joomla real estate module - review of the websites creation plugin for realtors

FW Real Estate Realtor is a unique plugin of websites creation for realtors, combining maximum opportunities for creating convenient online real estate catalogs. With the real estate rental website template, real estate specialists provide their clients with the most convenient search and objects comparison, which brings tangible benefits to their business.

The main advantages of real estate for joomla solving business tasks

Advanced Search.The 14 most popular search fields with 3 layout alternates and flexible display settings make the site as convenient as possible for a potential client and exceed a number of decisions that are currently used by leading market participants.

Modular architecture. The platform allows you to use only those modules that are required by a particular resource. In consequence of this solution, you get a well-thought-out site, which is not overloaded with unnecessary elements and “customized” delicate to your tasks and your customers’ needs.

Configuration and management simplicity. The administrative panel is designed in such a way that you can fill the site with information, add or remove modules, change the interface without having to hire IT specialists.

Multilanguage and currencies capability. The algorithm constantly updates the data, displaying financial information, due to the current exchange rate. High-quality texts translation into various languages ​​allows you to interact efficiently with customers from all over the world.

Adaptability. This is one of the CMS real estate for joomla key benefits. With the adaptive versions coding, the site will be correctly displayed on all modern devices and in various browsers, so the problem of losing customers due to problems with operativity or appearance of the resource will be a thing of the past.

Developer support. On buying the annual subscription, you get unlimited access to help desk call. A team of specialists will promptly answer all questions and eliminate the arisen difficulties.

All the features of real estate for joomla

The plugin contains more than 35 functions, so we will take a look at some of them. You can find a full list of features on the FW Real Estate product page.

  • Batch upload. Add all files to the site quickly, in one click.
  • Secure captcha input form. The site will be visited only by people, but not robots.
  • Virtual 3D tour. An up-to-date solution that will help the client to “see” his future real estate.
  • Delegated evaluators and objects comparison. The search convenience allows you to make the on-to-fly purchasing decision.
  • Extended description. Create the most effective ads that achieve the goals.
  • Search options saving. The client can save the desired parameters and receive notifications about new objects relevant to his/her requests.
  • Mortgage calculator. This module allows you to evaluate the payment conditions of the chosen real estate option.
  • Integration with popular services. Google Maps, Google Captcha, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest - use all the modern features.

Briefly why you should choose real estate for joomla

  • Easy-to-use management. Simple website creation for the solution of your tasks.
  • Adaptability. Clear interface mapping on all devices.
  • Complex site protection. Work without vulnerabilities.
  • High performance. Your customers will not have to wait long for page downloading.
  • Popular platform. All necessary documentation, successful cases of sites creation by large organizations, high-quality support and regular updates release, and new modules.
  • Save your time. The client can get answers to most of his/her questions by interacting with the site.


Real estate rental website template is a modern solution for the quick creation of the professional websites, customized to the purchase, sale and leasing of real estate. We offer a multi-purpose product that does not require third-party modifications. This is precisely why the business tasks of our clients are solved with FW Real Estate Realtor on an urgent basis.

Real Estate for Joomla – plugin review for real estate sites

FW Real Estate Realtor Joomla is one of the best decisions to create real estate websites. Developers can use specialized lists, extended search form, CTA (Call-to-action) and easy configuration. The plugin review will help to understand the advantages that a realtor will receive from this extension.

Main advantages

Adaptive items – the module architecture is designed so as graphic objects look equally well on devices of any size. Computer, smartphone, tablet – all customers will highly appreciate the site usability.

Advanced Search – Joomla real estate module offers the 14 most popular search fields with 3 layout options. The display is also configured. Category, price, area – the plugin allows setting up this and more.

Front-end manager – the agents will be able to manage their real estate at anytime and anywhere. The manager is configured to be displayed on mobile devices.

All the features of a real estate rental website template

There are more than 30 functions in the plugin – there's no point in trying to fully discuss each of them within the brief review. Therefore, we draw attention to the most important:

  • Automated currency conversion. The algorithm based on actual rates, so it always shows the relevant data.
  • Multilingual support. The support for full content translation into any language is built in the plugin.
  • Advanced layout settings. Layouts are designed on a grid that allows  applying different display options.
  • Advanced captcha. Google captcha is supported, as well as its setting.
  • Extended description. More than 50 parameters will help to create an ad that customers are really looking for.
  • Search templates. The client can save the search pattern to use it later.

Working with plugin

The documentation is available at FW Real Estate Documentation link. The plugin is compatible with Joomla 3.8 and later versions. To purchase FW Real Estate, follow these steps:

  1. go to FW Real Estate pricing page;
  2. the free real estate version of Joomla is not available, so choose a one-time purchase or annual subscription;
  3. select a payment method, fill in the information and pay for the purchase.

To install FW Real Estate, follow these steps:

  1. login to admin panel;
  2. select the “Extensions” item in the top menu and click on it;
  3. select the “Manage” item, then the “Install” button;

  4. upload zip file in a preferred way.

If the installation was successful, you will see an appropriate message on a green background.


Advanced search with a large number of fields permits to create a truly customer-friendly website, which allows setting important search criteria immediately and spend time on a detailed view of only those objects that are corresponded to the requirements. Consider, for instance, this option:

Most often, potential agency customers are interested in the following data, which should be displayed in search filters:

  • real estate transaction type (purchase, sale, rent);
  • object’s purpose (residential, commercial real estate);
  • location (country, city, district, proximity to infrastructure, etc.);
  • floor space;
  • number of rooms and bathrooms;
  • cost in the selected currency (the entire object, per square meter, range from... to);
  • floor;
  • photo, video, 3D-visualization;
  • etc.

All these fields are implemented with the FW Real Estate plugin. The client will only have to enter the required data for him/her and select the suitable apartment (house) from the drop-down list. With that, the user selectable criteria while completing search form are displayed with icons on the ad preview.

In general, the ability to set in the search form the above-listed components is an application-specific tool for real estate sale that allows making the fast way to the visual presentation of the sold object (just a few clicks), and the presentation as effective as possible. The potential client, considering such content in detail, can imagine himself/herself in the premises. This leads to a notable increase in the number of successful deals.


FW Real Estate is a powerful plugin that allows creating a full-fledged website for a real estate agency. It contains all the necessary elements to be convenient to manage such a site, and clients get exactly what they are looking for.

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