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Joomla real estate module - review of the websites creation plugin for realtors

FW Real Estate Realtor is a unique plugin of websites creation for realtors, combining maximum opportunities for creating convenient online real estate catalogs. With the real estate rental website template, real estate specialists provide their clients with the most convenient search and objects comparison, which brings tangible benefits to their business.

The main advantages of real estate for joomla solving business tasks

Advanced Search.The 14 most popular search fields with 3 layout alternates and flexible display settings make the site as convenient as possible for a potential client and exceed a number of decisions that are currently used by leading market participants.

Modular architecture. The platform allows you to use only those modules that are required by a particular resource. In consequence of this solution, you get a well-thought-out site, which is not overloaded with unnecessary elements and “customized” delicate to your tasks and your customers’ needs.

Configuration and management simplicity. The administrative panel is designed in such a way that you can fill the site with information, add or remove modules, change the interface without having to hire IT specialists.

Multilanguage and currencies capability. The algorithm constantly updates the data, displaying financial information, due to the current exchange rate. High-quality texts translation into various languages ​​allows you to interact efficiently with customers from all over the world.

Adaptability. This is one of the CMS real estate for joomla key benefits. With the adaptive versions coding, the site will be correctly displayed on all modern devices and in various browsers, so the problem of losing customers due to problems with operativity or appearance of the resource will be a thing of the past.

Developer support. On buying the annual subscription, you get unlimited access to help desk call. A team of specialists will promptly answer all questions and eliminate the arisen difficulties.

All the features of real estate for joomla

The plugin contains more than 35 functions, so we will take a look at some of them. You can find a full list of features on the FW Real Estate product page.

  • Batch upload. Add all files to the site quickly, in one click.
  • Secure captcha input form. The site will be visited only by people, but not robots.
  • Virtual 3D tour. An up-to-date solution that will help the client to “see” his future real estate.
  • Delegated evaluators and objects comparison. The search convenience allows you to make the on-to-fly purchasing decision.
  • Extended description. Create the most effective ads that achieve the goals.
  • Search options saving. The client can save the desired parameters and receive notifications about new objects relevant to his/her requests.
  • Mortgage calculator. This module allows you to evaluate the payment conditions of the chosen real estate option.
  • Integration with popular services. Google Maps, Google Captcha, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest - use all the modern features.

Briefly why you should choose real estate for joomla

  • Easy-to-use management. Simple website creation for the solution of your tasks.
  • Adaptability. Clear interface mapping on all devices.
  • Complex site protection. Work without vulnerabilities.
  • High performance. Your customers will not have to wait long for page downloading.
  • Popular platform. All necessary documentation, successful cases of sites creation by large organizations, high-quality support and regular updates release, and new modules.
  • Save your time. The client can get answers to most of his/her questions by interacting with the site.


Real estate rental website template is a modern solution for the quick creation of the professional websites, customized to the purchase, sale and leasing of real estate. We offer a multi-purpose product that does not require third-party modifications. This is precisely why the business tasks of our clients are solved with FW Real Estate Realtor on an urgent basis.

Realtor vs. Agency website

In this article, we will explain the key differences between realtor and agency website, highlight what is needed to keep a real estate website up-to-date, and outline the required features for a successful property listing website.

There are two traditional models in real estate business - independent and agency model. An independent model implies a realtor who is licensed to sell properties and not affiliated with a real estate company. This business model is more commonly known in some parts of the United States, Canada, and Australia. An agency model implies multiple agents working for the same company and it is a common case for Europe. These two business models stand behind our FW Real Estate product and are communicated via its two versions - FW Real Estate Agency and Realtor. Let’s review the main differences between a realtor and agency website and key real estate data management principles below.

Realtor vs Agency website: common base and differences

When it comes to a common thread, both realtor and agency websites should have up-to-date property listings, which is a matter of MLS/IDX integration described below. Except for MLS/IDX integration, a good real estate website should have a bunch of features:
  • Multiple fields allowing to specify property information - specification details, floor/room plans, amenities, interior/exterior details, specific terms, etc. The more information you can provide about the property, the better your chances to succeed. 
  • Advanced search functionality enabling your users to search for properties by multiple criteria such as location, status, price range, property type, and more.
  • Map view enabling your visitors to visualize the properties and neighborhood boundaries giving all information they needed to buy or rent with confidence.
  • Rental functionality allowing to specify lease terms, dates, pets friendly/not friendly information, utility costs, etc.
  • Social sharing features allowing to share your property ads on social media and, in such a way, expand your online presence.
  • Interactive and informative media elements such as 3d virtual and video tours, engaging slideshows, PDF brochures, multiple images display, etc. 

All of the above-listed features are crucial for a professional and competitive real estate website and they are all available in both FW Real Estate Agency and Realtor products. However, there are certain conceptual differences between realtor and agency websites. These differences are basically centered around multiple agents functionality which is present in the agency website and absent in the realtor website.Thus, a good agency website should provide the following basic things:

  • Property listings associated with particular agents. In other words, each property ad should display the agent who is in charge of it so the user could immediately contact the agent directly from your ad.
  • Agents user pages, where agents can publish and edit their property listings and present their bios and qualifications as well. It is also important that your agent users could interact with the website directly from the front-end, without having to access the admin panel. 
  • Pages displaying all agents working within the company so the user could choose and contact the agent they like. If you don’t provide agents listings, your visitors may leave the website to search for an agent and chance are low that they will ever come back. 
  • Pages displaying all properties from a particular agent. Once the agent is chosen, the user can go to the page with all properties from the agent they like.
  • An eye-catching agents promo functionality allowing to position your new or popular agents in the best possible light. 

FW Real Estate Agency offers a full range of agents functionalities so you could create a consistent and working real estate agency website.

How to keep your real estate website up-to-date effortlessly

Real estate business is constantly changing. If your properties listings respond to the ongoing changes on the real estate marketplace, your potential buyers will more likely find the property they want and come to you when it’s time to buy or rent. There are three different ways to keep your real estate website up-to-date:
  • Manually, when each property is added and edited manually. This method is free but time-consuming. 
  • Export/import, when properties tables are exported, edited, and imported manually. This method is less time-consuming, then the manual one. However, it is suitable for the websites with a small number of properties updated once in two-three days. The more property ads are updated using this method, the better chance of making mistake in properties tables.
  • Automated, when integration with a properties database (MLS/IDX) is handled via API calls or XML/CSV technology. All properties coming to the marketplace get automatically to MLS/IDX database. Once a property is sold or rent out, this information is instantly reflected in the MLS/IDX database. So it is not surprising, why it is so important to keep your real estate website synchronized with MLS/IDX database. This method is effortless and time-saving. MLS/IDX integration allows to automatically pull broker's listings from the MLS/IDX database and get them published directly on the website. 
As you can see, it depends on your business needs, which properties update method to choose. We offer automated properties update service in the form of a custom-developed plugin. The plugin gets integrated with MLS/IDX provider via XML technology. To learn more about our integration service, review our MLS/IDX/XML integration service page. 
Review our FW Real Estate demo website to find more information about FW RE Agency and Realtor. Get familiar with FW Real Estate documentation to learn about FW Real Estate installation, configuration, and settings. Please use the comments section at the bottom of each documentation page to comment and suggest improvements that will make the product experience better.

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