MLS/IDX/XML Integration Service

The integration from MLS directories allows you to grow your business! Combine your real estate website with the data from MLS!
You don't have to transfer all information about your property manually! We will save your precious time and do all the integration for you!

Synchronize your Real Estate website with external feed!
Multiple Listings Services (MLS) is a collection of data with the list of all available properties for sale and rent in the different locality. In addition, the directory contains exhaustive file and information about all real estate agents and agencies in selected areas. Fastw3b Team created the irreplaceable service that gives you an opportunity to fill your website with exclusive content and manage the information about the best properties so that you can be #1 in the field!

Fastw3b MLS/IDX/XML Integration Service  it's:
  • 7 years of integration experience
  • Quick integration process
  • Life quality guarantee
  • Wide range of providers
  • 100s of successful integrations done
What is included?
  • 1 MLS integration OR 1 IDX integration OR 1 XML integration;
  • Up to 3500 properties integration from/to Real Estate website built on FW Real Estate extension;
  • Data import into fields, available in FW Real Estate extension
What is NOT included?
  • the cost of the main component, its add-ons, customization and a flat fee
  • adding new fields from MLS provider to the component. Please contact us if you need to add new fields to the component and modules
  • component, modules and templates layout/design changes. Please contact us if you need to redesign or change layout of properties listings
  • payments for registration at MLS website and other payments connected with website account
  • negotiations with MLS provider
MLS systems have been already integrated with FW Real Estate

Fastw3b Development Team has already integrated sites built with FW Real Estate with MFRMRS, Elkhart MLS, FLEXMLS,, West Penn MLS and others.   elkhart  flex mls  my florida  west penn 1

Integration with other MLS systems are also possible and can be implemented via RETS or IDX as well.

Way to integrate FW Real Estate with Trulia or Zillow portals

We are planning to develop a special plugin for FW Real Estate to make import/export to/from these sites simple and quick. Still we accept integration requests that can be done on individual and charged basis.

trulia  zillow

Transfer and populate all the fields from MLS provider website

By default only those fields included in FW Real Estate Pro will be populated with the information from MLS. Other fields included in listings of MLS provider should be added to the component additionally. Otherwise this information will be missed. Please contact us before if you want extra fields to be added to the component. This service is extra charged. The price depends on the scope of work and time frame.

What do you need from me to start MLS integration?

The only things we need from you to start:

  • access data to your account registered on MLS system,
  • URL to MLS service itself,
  • Joomla super-Admin and FTP-access to your website.
Price integration service from $ 450 to $ 799. Depending on your needs such as service with which need to integrate website, number of fields, etc. To get a price quote please fill out a short application. We will contact you within 1 business day!

Order MLS Service

Quick help for your Joomla! website

Introducing Installation & Configuration service for Joomla! extensions, including menu item setup, sample data population and adjusting extension parameters for the best performance.

Reading time: 4 mins.

Quick start is essential for any website as it only works when it is online. If we talk about existing websites this can be a new functionality that was planned to be added long time ago. In other words there is always something to do on your website and if it is live and your business is functioning.

Often it is handy to hire someone who is more experienced in topic and can offer quality job with guarantee. Responding to the market needs we designed Installation & Configuration service.

Here are few reasons why delegating installation and configuration is helpful.

Free your time

Letting someone do your job is already a way to free time. Another point here is there are aways number of ways to accomplish a task. And when you do something for the first time it always takes longer and you will make mistakes you would avoid later. Eventually, you not only get your routine work done, but a realiable developer you can ask about different peculiarities of extensions and environment or discuss possible concepts for your ideas and needs.

Make sure you get what you need

After you pre-order a service you will communicate with a real person who would check all data you send and ask questions before you pay anything or job gets started. This way you control the outcome and can plan the scope of work needed according to your situation. You may need some basic help to get a skeleton for a new website section or it can be significant part of work you have been planning for a while and couldn’t find time to complete.

Start to finish implementation

Installing extension is the very first step, which is pretty straightforward. When it is done you will need a menu item to see that extension on a front-end, also some sample data to be populated to see how it looks and finally make sure all settings work as expected. So eventually you get extension set up, configured, populated with sample content and tested to make sure all look good. Sounds like a good deal, right?

Get work done with guarantee

Expertise is PHP, JS and Joomla! extensions development helped us to learn the environment inside out. Over 10 yers on the market experience helps us finding solutions with very challenging projects, possible bottlenecks and bugs if project gets stuck. While working on a task we also keep in mind performance and security trying not only to provide final result, but make it as elegant and reliable as possible in current website environment.

When you are ready to pre-order Installation & Configuration service all you need is:

  1. Go to a service page.
  2. Click “Pre-order Service” button.
  3. Fill and send the form.

After form is sent our manager will contact you to clarify all the details and start the job. All communication on the job will be maintained and stored in Client Section -> Services page on website.

When you need a quick help with Joomla! It is in a click distance from you now!

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