Food Website Quickstart

Convert your text menu into online food directory with online order and payment, promo options and meal badges.

Food Website Quickstart

You will get:

  • Installed FW Food Menu product with its add-ons.
  • Configured menu item to show meals online with design and columns.
  • Added food categories and convert text menu into web items.
  • Added images to meal items, add meal badges, category PDF files.
  • Configured online order parameters: payments, locations, delivery, mail templates.

Fully ready and branded online food ordering system.

$49.00 USD
Time frame 1 days
before you order

When ordering a service we assume that you have the following list ready:

  • Live Wordpress/Joomla! website.
  • Active FW Food Menu subscription for all add-ons you plan to use.
  • A food/drinks menu with categories, meals, prices, description in any text format (TXT, CSV, XLS, etc.). FWFM Prices & Discounts add-on required if meals have different sizes and price options. 
  • All meals images with names of meals as a file name in web image format (JPG, JPEG, PNG, WEBP, GIF). FWFM Images add-on required.
  • PDF files for meal categories with a category name as a file name. FWFM Category PDF add-on required.
  • Delivery options and online order note. FWFM Order Online add-on required.
  • Directions on meal columns in categories.
  • If you prefer to use one of available designs, please specify how you prefer it to be configured. Make sure you have preferred design subscription active.
After you ordered a service

Congratulations! You are on the way to get your online menu live within 2 days.

Our manager will contact you to clarify all details and ask for extra information that may be required to complete a job. At this point we will check if an access to your website is correct and working, a scope of work is clear and all necessary data is provided to get job done. At this point you can extend a scope of a job if needed which may affect service price and time frame.

If/when all is correct we will add an invoice your account so you can pay it and start development process. After invoice is paid no changes to a scope is allowed.

The outcome

You will get a notification email when we finish our job and move a service into Review phase.

Go through the work we did and make sure everything works as expected. Keep in mind the scope we agreed on before we started. If we missed something (which is unlikely) from the list you should point it out. If you have new ideas of what can be added or improved after we finish our work you are welcome to order another service and set a new scope of work for us.

When you revise everything and make sure all is correct you can rate a quality of our work and add your comments to show your satisfaction.

Add Website
Admin access to
Admin URL
FTP access to
FTP access is required to be able to carefully modify our application files when searching for and debugging bugs you find
Joomla! folder path
if the FTP connection test fails, but you are sure that the data is correct, please save it

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