Top FW Gallery Functions You Should Know About

Gallery Websites

27 October 2018

Websites that contain a lot of visual/media content have their list of characteristics, tasks, and difficulties that developers may face with. The best feature of a good Joomla gallery website is a high-quality user-friendly implementation. Because of its peculiarities, a large number of image files, such a resource can be “heavy”, load slowly and be displayed incorrectly. The key point here is to provide a user with the most positive experience managing gallery website. This can be achieved in particular through the use of responsive Joomla gallery components.

Joomla Gallery Plugin FW Gallery Light and Its Main Functions

Responsiveness. The name speaks for itself, so the main function and the main advantage of responsiveness is an ability to be displayed correctly on any devices, adapting to the viewport.

Improved upload options. With FW Gallery  Joomla gallery component, it is possible to upload photos easily and quickly, using drag&grop or mass selecting them in a file manager.

Multi-level galleries. This function allows the user to build galleries of several levels in order to make the content more structured and organized.
Rotation of images. From now on you should not worry about photos rotation. Even if a photo-orientation didn’t get rendered correctly you can fix it manually at any time.

Galleries and photo layout settings. A set of various parameters for displaying images and galleries adjusting sizes and information you want to show.

Default gallery image picture will be selected from already uploaded pictures to find the most spiritual image for a gallery content or create Joomla gallery carousel.

A possibility to apply a watermark. Both the client and the user can be confident in the authenticity of the images.

A possibility to view sub-galleries for quick navigation while preserving the adequate size of photos and without loss of quality.

Share buttons. Each user of the site will be able to share any photo in one click.

Advanced features for clarifying details. Now each gallery can get a name, a creation date, and a hashtag. The privacy of this data is easily regulated.

Extended item settings. This means the ability to save specific viewing parameters for each of the photos, as well as assign the data (name, creation date, hashtag) to each image. With the frontend function, the visual content updating is even easier since you do not need to touch an admin panel anymore.

Who Can Benefit from Joomla Gallery Extensions

The decision to create Joomla gallery with FW Gallery Light will be reasonable for:

  • designers and photographers to most effectively show their creativity and competence;
  • cafes and restaurants so that potential guests can familiarize themselves with an attractive and detailed menu;
  • photo models with diverse work experience;
  • builders who already have successfully completed projects;
  • companies that want to be closer to their customers and for this purpose take photos of their production processes from the inside;
  • and everyone else whose work results can be demonstrated visually.

On a Concluding Note

Thus, this Joomla gallery extension is a free download and a fairly convenient and practically universal tool that can be useful to develop solutions in many areas. Its main advantages are responsiveness and multi-functionality. In fact, this saves time and labor costs and also allows you to organize your images online, resulting in an excellent responsive design.

Sergiy Gorstka, The head of development

Sergiy works with clients, discussing potential websites architecture and plan new products releases. Web developer, project manager and enthusiast since 2003. A Joomla! Day UK conference speaker. Focuses on utilizing experience from WordPress, Joomla! and Magento projects to increase clients satisfaction of Fastw3b's effective web solutions. Looks at website development as a business perspective rather than another project.