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FW Gallery v5.0.0 - platform with add-ons

This release introduces a wholly new concept for FW Gallery architecture. A change in FW Gallery architecture triggered a butch of new features and updates. Let’s have a look at all changes below:


  • One component instead of two. Now there is no separate Light and Grand versions. We merged Light and Grand versions into a single FW Gallery component available in two packages - basic package (former Light) and basic package with add-ons (former Grand). Add-on is a separate tool extending FW Gallery functionality. Each add-on has its own functionalities, configuration specifics, icon, and banner. 
  • Add-ons section. All add-ons can be managed via Add-ons section. You can add, remove, filter the add-ons by types such as design, plugin, module, component, and data type. 
  • Front-end manager add-on. If you want to enable galleries management directly via the front-end,  you can use FW Gallery Front-end Manager add-on of the component type. Front-end manager should be configured separately by assigning FW Gallery Front-end Manager layout to a menu item. 
  • FW Gallery Carousel add-on. A new add-on of the module type adds a carousel slider on your gallery page. The module is perfect for showcasing multiple images in a slider with or without scroll buttons. You can choose from two layout positions - vertical and horizontal as well as set various display options such as gallery name, image name, dates, etc.
  • Grid display effects. We added new grid display effects set in gallery settings and applied to gallery listing view. You have a choice of 4 grids - Standard, Waterfall, Justified, and Custom. Each grid will help you create a visually attractive gallery listing.
  • File details display effects. We added 7 stylish file details display effects adding a creative touch to your photos. 
  • On hover effect. Added beautiful on hover effects for images previews. Choose between Ken Burns and Linear effects to add a playful touch to your images
  • Meta Data section for a file/gallery. We added a new Meta Data section to file/gallery settings allowing to specify meta keywords and meta description for better search engine optimization. 
  • Tag alias parameter for a new tag. Specify a URL-friendly name for a new tag within Tags management section to replace unnecessary elements in the URL string like IDs, slashes, colons, etc. 


  • Facebook Import add-on. Facebook Import is available as a separate add-on of the plugin type and can be installed/removed via Add-ons section. Once installed, link to your Facebook account in order to start importing.
  • Google import add-on. Google import add-on of the plugin type enables importing Google albums to your gallery website. Once installed, you should link to your Google account in order to start importing.
  • Documentation reference: Google images import tutorial (
  • FW Gallery File Meta Data add-on. A data type add-on allows importing all file meta data such as tags, locations, titles, watermarks, descriptions, etc. along with a file. Once installed all meta data coming along with a file get automatically imported upon upload to your gallery website.
  • FW Gallery Social plugin. Social add-on of the plugin type adds attractive social sharing buttons to your gallery files. Once enabled, you can easily share your galleries on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest.
  • FW Gallery Video add-on. Video add-on of the plugin type allows displaying Vimeo/Youtube/MP4 videos on your gallery website. Once enabled, you will be able to create video and mixed content galleries. 
  • FW Gallery Search plugin. Search add-on of the plugin type extends the standard Joomla search by displaying images in the search results.
  • FW Gallery Tag add-on. We created Tag add-on of the plugin type adding Tags management section to your website. Add, edit, and remove tags using this section. All tags assigned to a gallery or file hit the tags list where a usage frequency can be monitored. 
  • FW Gallery Vote add-on. Enable simple voting for public and authorized users with Vote add-on of the plugin type. The plugin adds cool-looking voting buttons on your gallery website.
  • FW Gallery add-on. Gallery add-on of the module type adds images and galleries anywhere on your gallery website - in top/bottom content position, gallery/file description, etc.
  • FW Gallery Map add-on. Map add-on of the module type adds a map with galleries or images on your website. Just enter Google Map key, set map height, and assign a required position to the module. 
  • FW Gallery Slideshow add-on. Slideshow add-on of the module type allows auto playing galleries in an eye-catching slideshow module. Display recently-added or random images, enable/disable thumbnails, choose slideshow effects, set a custom slideshow size.
  • FW Gallery Latest add-on. Latest add-on of the module type allows displaying some latest or random images in the module.
  • We separated designs from the core system. Now each design is a software add-on working independently from the main component and other add-ons. 
  • FW Gallery Bootstrap add-on. Bootstrap add-on of the design type adds a distinct look to your gallery. 
  • FW Gallery Classic add-on. Classic add-on of the design type adds an elegant and bold look to your gallery. 
  • FW Gallery Fancy add-on. Fancy add-on of the design type gives your website a unique look and feel.
  • FW Gallery Pinterest add-on. Create stylish and responsive images grids in Pinterest style with  Pinterest add-on of the design type. 
  • FW Gallery Polaroid add-on. Present your gallery with awesome Polaroid add-on of the design type. 
  • FW Gallery Beauty add-on. Give your beauty website a bold style with Beauty add-on of the design type.  
  • Moved gallery layout settings to gallery level. Now gallery layout settings are configured at the gallery level, not menu item level. This feature adds flexibility to gallery configuration. Now each gallery can be configured differently even though being assigned to one and the same menu item. 
  • Parent gallery settings priority. All settings of the parent gallery get automatically applied to a child gallery. At the same time, child gallery settings can be manually changed if it is needed.
  • Configuration section update. Re-arranged global gallery settings into General, Galleries, Items, and Add-ons tabs for better usability and navigation. 
  • Custom image sizes. Updated Image sizes section. Now you can set custom sizes for different images formats - cover, listing image, lightbox, and single file format. 

Get familiar with FW Gallery documentation to find more information about our product. Please use the comments section at the bottom of each documentation page to comment and suggest improvements that will make the product experience better.

FW Real Estate v2.0.0 release - new design

In this release, we have come up with a number of new features, updates, and bugfixes. A new design was a prominent improvement that has triggered a lot of changes. Let’s review all of them below:

New features:

  • New modern-looking responsive design with calm colors. Now property listing and single property views are more structured and user-friendly. 

  • Map with property details and images. An updated map module allows for displaying property details and images as you zoom in. This feature is especially helpful on the ‘desktop’ investigation stage.

Documentation reference: Map module tutorial.

  • Front-end manager layout. We have synchronized Front-end manager interface with Back-end interface since a lot of new fields have been added in property settings.

  • User pages access via Front-end manager. The layout of the Front-end manager has been substantially reorganized. Now all user pages can be accessed via the front-end manager.

  • Background image for Search module styling. Added the ability to style a Trendy search layout with a background image.

  • Automatic/manual currency update mode. Now you can specify currency update mode - automatic or manual. If the automatic mode is used, the currency will be automatically calculated once a day with regard to the official exchange rate and specified back-end currency. If the manual update is used, then you have to manually enter an exchange/cross rate into the corresponding fields and the system will calculate the prices with regard to the specified rate and back-end currency.

  • Multiple countries/cities/regions on a single page. We have added the ability to display properties from multiple countries/cities/regions for a single menu item. Now the properties from multiple locations can be displayed on a single page.

  • Floor/room plans. Now you can provide more specification details about a property for rent/sale. Add detailed floor/room plans - specify sizes, upload images, add descriptions for each floor/room.

Documentation reference: Properties tutorial.

  • Specification/description/features display on a single property page. Now specification, description, and features info sections can be displayed one below the other for a single property view, not just as separate tabs. This feature allows to quickly scan through all information in the property add, on a single page. 

  • Utility costs for rental functionality. For rental ads, we have added costs section allowing to specify utility costs. 

  • Pets for rental functionality. For rental ads, we have added pets section allowing to specify pets friendly/not friendly terms.

  • Metadata section. We have added Metadata section to improve SEO ranking of your property listings.

  • Payment period field. We have added Payment period field allowing to specify payment period terms.

  • Leasing deposit. We have added a Leasing deposit field, allowing to specify a leasing deposit amount.

  • Minimum lease term. We have added a Minimum lease term, allowing to specify minimum lease term.

  • Dwelling terms. We have provided an ability to specify some specific dwelling terms.

  • Measures and sizes fields. We have added an ability to specify measures and sizes for your property ads.

  • Search by address in the back-end. We have added the ability to search for properties via the admin panel by address for better usability. 


  • Inquiry form display. We have changed the inquiry form display. Now the inquiry form is displayed as a separate section, on the single property page. 

  • Slideshow module settings in global settings. We have added a section with slideshow settings in global property configuration for better usability. 

  • Different price formats for different languages. We have added languages for digits grouping. Now you can set a price format for each particular language. 

  • Renamed Custom fields section to Dictionaries for better user usability.

  • Separate section for Captcha. We have created a separate Captcha section to make it more user-intuitive.

  • Search module layout display. We have updated search module layouts as a result of the template update.

  • Agent module layouts display. We have updated Mortgage module layouts as a result of the template update.

  • Mortgage calculator display. We have updated Mortgage Calculator display as a result of the template update.

  • Slideshow module display. We have updated Slideshow module display as a result of the template update.

  • Mobile optimization. Optimized the component for mobile views.


  • Price display in favorites view. Price column in Favorites listing was empty. Fixed property price display in Favorites page. 

  • Delete a property from favorites table. Bug resulted in inability to delete a property from the favorites list.

  • Agent password confirm. Removed excessive password confirm field from New Agent section.

  • Search module display settings. Removed outdated and irrelevant fields from module display settings.

  • Category/Type/Status fields in latest module settings. Fixed Category/Type/Status dropdowns. It was impossible to select Category/Type/Status for the properties to be displayed in the Latest module. 

  • Change password in Agent profile. Bug resulted in inability to change a password for Agent profile page.

  • Layout parameter alignment in Latest module settings. Fixed Layout parameter alignment in Latest module settings.

  • Facebook/Twitter display. It was impossible to turn off Facebook/Twitter icons on the front-end.

  • Property ID and property update display. Property ID and property update fields didn’t appear on the front-end.

  • Lease term display on the single property page. Lease term field didn’t appear on the single property page.

  • Open hours display. Bug resulted in poor visibility of open hours details.

  • Property price in global settings. Bug caused inability to turn on/off the property price.

  • Print button in global settings. Bug caused inability to turn off a print button on a single property page.

Get familiar with FW Real Estate documentation to find more information about our product. Please use the comments section at the bottom of each documentation page to comment and suggest improvements that will make the product experience better.

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