Benefits of Guestbook on the Restaurant's Website

A website guestbook is an area on a website that allows visitors to leave their review  to indicate they have been to the your restaurant. In most cases, it also allows visitors to post their contact information, recommend and assess the summary rating. This area can be a helpful addition to restaurant website by many reasons.

One advantage to having a website guestbook is that it provides visitors with a convenient way of communicating with you and your visitors about advantages and disadvantages your restaurant to which they may have encountered while visiting your website.
Getting feedback from your visitors and customers is easy when you make a guestbook.
It's a great way to get valuable feedback on your website. Not only will your visitor and customers enjoy leaving comments, they'll have fun exploring other visitors' comments.

A website guestbook is the perfect way to:

  • Engage your site visitors, by providing them with their very own space on your website;
  • Get feedback with ratings and think what else can be improved to keep consistent 5 star rating;
  • Get review to give you more comprehensive information about visitor opinions who express their thoughts and feelings about your place;
  • Let your visitors post their pictures. Food, cuisine or just interior design it can be fun and great attraction for new customers.

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The Guestbook is the perfect way to get your visitors opinions on your restaurant . It's also the perfect way to give a free advertising space right on your website - your visitors will love reading what others think about your website, food,services, value and atmosphere.

If you want to have a Guestbook on the Restaurant's Website, create with Fastw3b!
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FW Food Menu v1.4.0 release

This release was basically centered around a new menu design. Along with that, there were a series of new features and updates. Let’s review all changes below:

  • New menu front-end design. We have updated a menu design. A new modern and clean menu design is perfect for multipurpose restaurant use.
  • New design for promo options (New, Meal of the day, Special). We have updated promo icons and boxes to make them look even more appealing and attractive.
  • New 2 columns menu layout. Now your menu can be arranged in two columns to make it look more organized and structured.
  • New Menu Layout options for a menu item. We have updated menu layout options to add more flexibility to a menu item display.
  • New FWFM Meal Categories Module. This feature is especially helpful for those who want to display their menu in a module. FWFM Meal Categories Module has the same settings as the component - choose the categories you want to display, set two columns menu, display PDF download button, etc.
  • New multi-price feature. Configure a pricing grid for a separate menu position - set different prices for different portion sizes.
  • New price discounts option. This option allows to apply a discount to a specific meal. Discounts can be used in pair with promo options for more effective promotion.
  • Revised admin panel. We have updated admin panel design. Now it looks cleaner.
  • Revised PDF option. An updated PDF option allows to upload a full menu PDF file instead of generating it live. Earlier, it took too much time to wait for online generation and often had design issues.
  • Joomla 3.9.x compatibility. We have tested the component with Joomla 3.9.x.

Get familiar with FW Food Menu documentation to find more information about our product. Please use the comments section at the bottom of each documentation page to comment and suggest improvements that will make the product experience better.

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