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FREE! FW Food Menu 2.0.0: 25 modifications & add-ons concept

New free FW Food Menu has become the best we've ever developed so far. Breaking down significant functionality pieces into separate add-ons and introducing new design concept to make any design of menu possible extensions has now dropped all its limits and will satisfy any needs.

Free Component

From now on FW Food Menu will be free. Even free version has lots of features that would allow building most online menus. Among the most powerful features we would name:

  • Batch Operations - very simple text mode to quickly build category structure and fill in categories with meals;
  • individual Category settings -  allow to override global configuration by some or all parameters;
  • free Columns Layout plugin - allows aligning meals into columns;

Add-ons Section

Separating functionality and designs into add-ons helps make releases faster and more stable, focus on every add-on in particular, have its own demo and documentation for every product.

In Add-ons section in administrator panel on your website you can always:

  • access all available, purchased and free add-ons;
  • see if any updates are available at the moment;
  • download and install all add-ons on a clean installation by using your Access Code in free FW Food Menu component.

All new add-ons (plugins, modules, designs) and services related to main component will become available and appear in Add-ons section as soon as they are published on official Fastw3b website.

New Functionality

Let's have a look at all add-ons we have for FW Food Menu 2.0.0.

  • Coffee Shop Design - Coffee Shop inspired design with coffee palette colors and font that helps to create right atmosphere for a coffee menu. Has special design for Promo badges which would become available with Promo plugin and promo badges switched to Text Badges.
  • Itallian Design - Design inspired with Itialian menu stylimg and colors. Will look authentic with any Pizza & Pasta meals menu. Traditional colors palette and selected fonts help to bring some Italian touches to menu design. Has special design for Promo badges which would become available with Promo plugin and promo badges switched to Text Badges.
  • Category Navigation Module - Coffee Shop inspired design with coffee palette colors and font that helps to create right atmosphere for a coffee menu. Has special design for Promo badges which would become available with Promo plugin and promo badges switched to Text Badges.
  • Meal Category Module - Category meals presentation in different layouts with many prams to ahieve best presentation. It works and looks almost the same as component layout, but in a form of a module which can be used in different positions and with various parameters even on the same page.
  • Cascading Layout Plugin - The best way to show menu on a single page. Selecting any categories you want to show on a page you will see them exactly the way they were designed. So if you need to show very different menu styles or if all categories are styled the same way Cascading Layout will help to show them in one place without reloading the whole page.
  • Category PDF Plugin - Adds functionality to upload PDF version of online menu into a category and show Download PDF link next to category title. PDF can be created for each category individually or one file for parent category to have full menu in one file.
  • Color & Background Plugin - Ultimate design option to create unqiue category styling by setting text color, background color and image for category in whole or menu items. Can be used in combination with designs. Custom CSS Styles will help to configure element details that may be needed.
  • Columns Layout Plugin - Adds Columns option for Categoris layout allowing wrapping meals and subcategories into columns. Different number of columns can be configured for different categories or can be set to Default inheriting global Settings.
  • Images Plugin - Adds images to meals listing with option to show them on to the left, right, top or hide. Having images for the category it would add a nice slide show of meals in Category List view when hovering a category.
  • Prices & Discounts Plugin - Extends meal price field to a pricing grid, allowing to create a set of price for different meals or extras that come with a meal. Special price field allows to create discounts and can be used with combination of Promo Special or other promo features to emphasize meal value.
  • Promo Plugin - A set of promo icons or text badges (depending on configuration) that allow to make a meal stand out. Meal of the day, Special, New and Recommended options are available. This options canbe used to create a separate page with all meals from different categories shown all together. Designs may have special styling for promo text bages.

Design Approach

Starting version 2.0.0 designs transformed into separate themes with its own layouts and CSS files which allows full flexibility for menu presentation. Besides, all published designs CSS will appear in read-only tabs in CSS Styles section of FW Food Menu, allowing to look up styles you may need to change.
New concept for designs make them totally individual and allows to designs and customize design much easier and quicker. Try it and you will see it yourself.

Updates and Pricing

Same as before we have 2 main sale options:

  • Version. Cost less, but as soon as new minor version comes out you will need to buy it again. This approach is good for testing a product or a quick job where you don't plan to maintain a website.
  • Subscription. Higher cost, but you get 12 months free updates which would be a huge saver considering discounts available for subscription and release frequency. This option is best for long-term users and loyal Fastw3b customers. We encourage you to subscribe using deals and get most discounted full packages if you had a chance to try Fastw3b products quality and support.

Enjoy using our new best FW Food Menu version 2.0.x and wait for new releases coming monthly!

FW Food Menu Joomla - effective way to manage a restaurant's website

FW Food Menu Joomla is a plugin for creating a menu on the site. Great for cafes, bars, restaurants and delivery sites. The main task of the plugin is to provide the consumer with a tool for convenient food choice, this is realized by: adaptability, downloading files, displaying special offers, and more. In this review - information about the possibilities and benefits of the FW Food Menu plugin.

Key features

Adaptive menu. Layouts are created considering all current trends in the web industry. Therefore, they are correctly displayed on different mobile devices, show a fast loading speed.

Menu in pdf format. Joomla restaurant menu component automatically generates a PDF file that contains all establishment menu. It is available for download.

Marketing. You can select a meal of the day, set new icons for it, formulate special offers and more.

All possibilities

The plugin consists of two parts: the FW Food Menu component and the FW Menu Categories module. This gives the site the following:

  • Layout adjustment. You choose by yourself how to display meals: menu with all categories, special meal, no images, etc.
  • HTML support. Developers can give the plugin a unique look due to HTML code changes support. You can change the appearance of the menu, an individual meal, etc.
  • Categorization. Highlight drinks, cuisine, type of meal. Creating categories is possible under any criteria and in any sequence.
  • Meals image. Use your own images to make your meal card even more attractive.
  • Currency settings. Joomla food menu module allows you to select the currency displayed on the site.
  • Additional information about the meal. Specify weight, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calories.

Benefits of FW Food Menu

There are four main benefits of the Joomla food menu extension:

  • Functionality. The meal menu management using a component is implemented simply, kind of, on an intuitive level. In 10 minutes, it's easy to figure out how to specify calories, make special offers, load images, etc.
  • Ease of use. You can add a new category, menu item or meal in a few clicks, without going into complicated code structures.
  • Developer support. The developer unlimited support is available to those who selected a premium subscription. The team will answer all questions and quickly eliminate the arisen difficulties.
  • Documentation. It is polished and leaves no questions after reading. Everything is reviewed and described to the last detail.

Joomla food menu installation

The process of the plugin installation and configuration is described in detail in FW Food Menu documentation. We give the setup instructions:

  1. Download the plugin archive from the official site.

  2. Log in to the Joomla administrator panel.
  3. Find the "Extensions" menu item in the top section of the screen.
  4. In the drop-down list will be the "Manage" item. You should select "Install" in it.

  5. The tab for the archive downloading will open. Download the file in any convenient way. If the download was done successfully, you will see the corresponding green notification message.

Now the plugin is ready for use.


FW Food Menu Joomla warrants the attention of those who are planning to create a website for a restaurant, bar or similar establishment. Business owners will appreciate the convenience of updating site content due to the simplicity of the original setting and an intuitive control panel.

Giving the site a unique style that emphasizes the interior of the establishment and the brand's philosophy is extremely simple and effective. Plugin features cover most of the food service owners’ needs.

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