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Building Japanese restaurant website with FW Food Menu

Let’s take a closer look at a common Japanese restaurant menu we created with FW Food Menu. Given the right tool, creating a good online menu becomes easy and fun. The final result can be seen at Japanese Restaurant on Demo. 

Reading time: 10 mins. 
Implementation time: 50 mins.

A Japanese restaurant should convey the magnificent spirit of the orient with an elegant and clean layout, carefully chosen colors, and eye-catching images of delicious Japanese food. Our showcase is an awesome example of the online Japanese restaurant menu presenting images of food and descriptions of ingredients. You can create the same menu all by yourself, and you don’t need to be a professional.
The showcase can be applied to any other restaurant type - family style, fine dining, fast food, etc. The only difference will be in meals’ types and the number of categories you will need to create. We will describe each page of the menu, its elements, and the business idea behind each element. Make sure to understand that to proceed with creating the same website you need to prepare media content and install FW Food Menu to your Joomla website. To learn how to get started with FW Food Menu, review Getting started documentation page. If you have media content and FW Food Menu ready, it takes less than an hour to create a similar online menu. The overall process for creating such a menu looks as follows:
1. Prepare media content - meal images grouped by categories/subcategories.

2. Install FW Food Menu to present your online menu with a simple and elegant design that fits your business idea.

3. Create the required categories/subcategories to show different meal item inside them.

4. Display all meal items to show their images, pricing terms, portion sizes, and descriptions.

5. Configure promo options to highlight and style specific meal items.

Check out our Japanese Restaurant Guide for more details on configuring Japanese Restaurant menu. Let’s review the showcase of the Japanese restaurant menu below.

Page with meals categories

A categories page presents the upper level of the menu. It makes it easier for your website visitors to see the entire menu of the restaurant and pick the category of their choice. The categories page looks like a dashboard displaying menu categories and showing meal items images in the slideshow played on hover.  Let’s review all of the elements on this page below:
1. Menu item title. A title of the restaurant.

2. Meal categories. The meal categories of your menu. Each category plays the slideshow of meals items images included in the category.

3. Meal category title. A short title of the meal category. 

4. Short description. A short description of the meal category. Specify a price range for your meals, the average price or any other specific information using this element.

5. View menu button. Click this button to go to the meals list. 

Meals list page

A meals list page displays all meal items included in the category. The first thing you can see upon loading this page is clean and minimalistic menu layout with meal items images which don’t overload it. The image banner at the top of the menu looks engaging and perfectly matches the color scheme. Let’s review all of the elements on this page below:
1. Meal category title. A title of the category you picked.

2. Meal category description. A detailed description of the meal category. Here you can place some general information about all meals included in the category. 

3. Meal category image. Upload the image that is shown at the top of the menu to make it look more appealing.

4. Meal items list. All meals included in the meal category. Set background color to add custom styling to your meals list. You can also set a background image as an alternative.

5. Meal image. Upload the image for each meal item if you want to create a menu with images. You can choose to hide meal images if it is needed.

6. Meal title. Specify the title of the meal.

7. Meal description. Give short information about the recipe or specify the ingredients of the meal.

8. Meal price. Specify a meal price. You can add specific pricing terms using this element, for example, add discount price for the meal. 

9. Recommended promo. The badge indicating meals that you want people to pay attention to. 

Creating an effective online Japanese restaurant menu with FW Food Menu is a simple task. We clearly outlined all steps required for creating such a menu in our Japanese restaurant guide. Should you have any problems while configuring the menu, feel free to ask questions in the comments section at the bottom of the documentation page.

FW Food Menu Joomla - effective way to manage a restaurant's website

FW Food Menu Joomla is a plugin for creating a menu on the site. Great for cafes, bars, restaurants and delivery sites. The main task of the plugin is to provide the consumer with a tool for convenient food choice, this is realized by: adaptability, downloading files, displaying special offers, and more. In this review - information about the possibilities and benefits of the FW Food Menu plugin.

Key features

Adaptive menu. Layouts are created considering all current trends in the web industry. Therefore, they are correctly displayed on different mobile devices, show a fast loading speed.

Menu in pdf format. Joomla restaurant menu component automatically generates a PDF file that contains all establishment menu. It is available for download.

Marketing. You can select a meal of the day, set new icons for it, formulate special offers and more.

All possibilities

The plugin consists of two parts: the FW Food Menu component and the FW Menu Categories module. This gives the site the following:

  • Layout adjustment. You choose by yourself how to display meals: menu with all categories, special meal, no images, etc.
  • HTML support. Developers can give the plugin a unique look due to HTML code changes support. You can change the appearance of the menu, an individual meal, etc.
  • Categorization. Highlight drinks, cuisine, type of meal. Creating categories is possible under any criteria and in any sequence.
  • Meals image. Use your own images to make your meal card even more attractive.
  • Currency settings. Joomla food menu module allows you to select the currency displayed on the site.
  • Additional information about the meal. Specify weight, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calories.

Benefits of FW Food Menu

There are four main benefits of the Joomla food menu extension:

  • Functionality. The meal menu management using a component is implemented simply, kind of, on an intuitive level. In 10 minutes, it's easy to figure out how to specify calories, make special offers, load images, etc.
  • Ease of use. You can add a new category, menu item or meal in a few clicks, without going into complicated code structures.
  • Developer support. The developer unlimited support is available to those who selected a premium subscription. The team will answer all questions and quickly eliminate the arisen difficulties.
  • Documentation. It is polished and leaves no questions after reading. Everything is reviewed and described to the last detail.

Joomla food menu installation

The process of the plugin installation and configuration is described in detail in FW Food Menu documentation. We give the setup instructions:

  1. Download the plugin archive from the official site.

  2. Log in to the Joomla administrator panel.
  3. Find the "Extensions" menu item in the top section of the screen.
  4. In the drop-down list will be the "Manage" item. You should select "Install" in it.

  5. The tab for the archive downloading will open. Download the file in any convenient way. If the download was done successfully, you will see the corresponding green notification message.

Now the plugin is ready for use.


FW Food Menu Joomla warrants the attention of those who are planning to create a website for a restaurant, bar or similar establishment. Business owners will appreciate the convenience of updating site content due to the simplicity of the original setting and an intuitive control panel.

Giving the site a unique style that emphasizes the interior of the establishment and the brand's philosophy is extremely simple and effective. Plugin features cover most of the food service owners’ needs.

FW Food Menu release v1.7.0 - new category layout

In this release, we implemented a series of new features and updates along with several bug fixes. The prominent feature of this release is a new Category layout bringing the whole new concept to menu presentation. Let’s review all of the changes below:


  • Category layout. We created a new layout for meal categories. If earlier categories and meal items were displayed on the same page, now meal categories are the top-level categories leading to a meal items page. The categories are styled with meal images slideshow displayed on hover. You can add a short description to a meal category, for example, a price range or any other specific information. 

  • 3 columns layout. We added a parameter allowing to set 3 columns menu. Works perfectly with the image on top new parameter. As a result, the menu looks differently and engaging.

  • Image top/right/left parameter. We added a parameter allowing to choose where you want an image to be shown in relation to the text description. This feature adds flexibility to configuring your menu. 

  • Meal item color and image background. We added parameters allowing to configure meal item background. Now the meal item background can be styled with different color or image. However, promo meals styling will still overwrite default coloring.

  • Recommended promo option. We added a new badge to indicate meals you want people to pay attention to. Now you have more options for promoting your special meal items.  

  • Category description left/right parameter. We added a new parameter allowing to place category description at the right/left of the meals columns. Now you can keep the text on the side and show meals in column(s) rather than underneath.


  • Promo Category filter. The parameter allows to group not only categories but also promo options to show them on a separate page and style the way you need.


  • Cascading layout description. We missed description for Cascading layout. Now it is there.

  • Select categories for Cascading menu. We added select categories parameter to Cascading layout settings. Now you can choose the categories you want to display on the separate page.

Get familiar with FW Gallery Food Menu documentation to find more information about our product. Please use the comments section at the bottom of each documentation page to comment and suggest improvements that will make the product experience better.

FW Food Menu solution for online restaurant menu on Joomla

The restaurant industry extensively uses a modern technology to promote its business. Good online footprint helps a business stand out among many competitors. A significant part of customers, before visiting a restaurant, look at the menu on a website to understand a range of price, or make an order online. Joomla restaurant menu extension allows you to add to your site a beautiful and convenient menu that will be visual and easy to read on a device with a screen of any size.

Online menu features for visitors

Attractive design. Much depends on the first impression. And in this case, we are talking not only about the beautiful food-shooting, but also about the harmonious placement and combination of elements on the site. Every detail should be “tasty” and encouraging the site visitor to become a customer of the restaurant.

Usability. Simplicity of work with the menu is no less important factor. The visitor should, without hesitation, navigate the menu on the site, easily finding the necessary sections, descriptions, prices, etc.

Fast page load. Whatever may be the number of photos and information on the site, the pages should be optimized to open as quickly as possible.

Responsiveness. The customer can pick a place for dinner using a work laptop, a smartphone on his/her way home, a tablet and any other device with its operating system. Thus, the menu should be displayed properly on each gadget and save the necessary functionality (for example, the ability to order this or that dish).

PDF format. Despite all the advantages of online, sometimes you need the ability to download full information in a file format that can be used at any time. The menu in PDF format, ready for download, is an indisputable advantage for the site of any food establishment.

Online menu features for a site administrator

Settings and layout flexibility. The ability to change the location of elements, appearance, color, font, add or remove individual fields - basic needs that allow you to create a resource individual style using ready-made templates.

Simplicity of adding files and work with them. The ability to download all the necessary information without unnecessary conversions and using photo editors greatly simplifies the work with the menu.
Categorization. To place drinks, hot dish, snacks in separate sections is a key necessity, which affects usability and further SEO optimization of the site.

Currency settings. Regardless of whether your restaurant is a local or international establishment, the currency selection in which prices will be displayed on the website is an important aspect.

Special offers, daily specials, new items. This allows you to highlight important offers, to show favorable terms of purchase. For example, display the daily specials at the top of the list or mark a new item in the range of the establishment.

Detailed documentation and support. Polished documentation allows you to install and configure a module for work without exterior help, and supportability guarantees the specialists assistance in case of any questions.

Why consider FW Food Menu for Joomla

Joomla restaurant menu extension is a manageable tool for creating an online menu on your site without the need of outside experts’ technical support. It has all the advantages listed above and allows using a simple set of actions to change the menu design, add and categorize dishes, create and display all the necessary marks and ingredients, indicate the volume, calorie content, etc. The product is fully responsive and looks beautiful on any device.
Food Menu product is compatible with Joomla versions 3.8.x and higher. Full details about the product, its use and installation can be found in the FW Food Menu documentation on

FW Food Menu v1.4.0 release

This release was basically centered around a new menu design. Along with that, there were a series of new features and updates. Let’s review all changes below:

  • New menu front-end design. We have updated a menu design. A new modern and clean menu design is perfect for multipurpose restaurant use.
  • New design for promo options (New, Meal of the day, Special). We have updated promo icons and boxes to make them look even more appealing and attractive.
  • New 2 columns menu layout. Now your menu can be arranged in two columns to make it look more organized and structured.
  • New Menu Layout options for a menu item. We have updated menu layout options to add more flexibility to a menu item display.
  • New FWFM Meal Categories Module. This feature is especially helpful for those who want to display their menu in a module. FWFM Meal Categories Module has the same settings as the component - choose the categories you want to display, set two columns menu, display PDF download button, etc.
  • New multi-price feature. Configure a pricing grid for a separate menu position - set different prices for different portion sizes.
  • New price discounts option. This option allows to apply a discount to a specific meal. Discounts can be used in pair with promo options for more effective promotion.
  • Revised admin panel. We have updated admin panel design. Now it looks cleaner.
  • Revised PDF option. An updated PDF option allows to upload a full menu PDF file instead of generating it live. Earlier, it took too much time to wait for online generation and often had design issues.
  • Joomla 3.9.x compatibility. We have tested the component with Joomla 3.9.x.

Get familiar with FW Food Menu documentation to find more information about our product. Please use the comments section at the bottom of each documentation page to comment and suggest improvements that will make the product experience better.

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