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FW Real Estate Update

This month we’ve fixed some bugs with images displaying and made a few releases:

  • Modified the search module for IE11, the correct orientation of the pictures from the metadata of the image file.
  • Auto-rotate pictures if the orientation information is in EXIF and the server has the extension exif_php

FW Real Estate Update

This month we’ve fixed some bugs and released a few upgrades:

  • Modified the displaying of real estate on Google Maps in the component and the module
  • Optimize and improved the Trendy mode of the search module
  • The opportunity to limit a size of images without loss of quality

Integrating MLS/IDX/XML listings into real estate website

The abbreviation MLS means Multiple Listings Services that represent the database of all available properties in different areas.

MLS concept is very simple, it is the so-called warehouse. When the property is available for sale, it goes to the warehouse when it is sold, it is not available for storage. But because the property can not be stored in the warehouse, the MLS contains only information about the property. With the MLS you can see what is available for sale at the moment.

Realtors use MLS to publish the information about apartments or houses for sale or rent. The systems also contain the information about all registered real estate brokers in the selected region so users can quickly find the perfect one according to their expectation and pricing policy. Thus, you can see why the integration with MLS databases has so much influence on your real estate website.

The way of integration depends on the mechanism that this system supports.

Most of the MLS databases use 2 search sites:

  • RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard)
  • IDX (Internet Data Exchange)

Even if the MLS that need to be integrated does not support these modules for integration, we will apply another procedure.

The advantage of an XML is that each property can have its own unique webpage or URL. By using this you can control the actual URL and the quality of the content on each property page

There are two ways to integrate the MLS into the Fastw3b Real Estate solution: 

  1. MLS/IDX Integration Service
    This service provides the direct connection of the MLS to the website. It can be felicitous for the clients that have already had the FW Real Estate purchased and set up properly.
  2. Property website with integration
    If you new in the field or made a decision to build your personal real estate website on Joomla! platform, we will be glad to introduce you to an entirely operative site that you can customize based on your preferences and taste. Once you've installed everything you became the rightful owner of this website.

MLS/IDX/XML Integration Service

The integration from MLS directories allows you to grow your business! Combine your real estate website with the data from MLS!
You don't have to transfer all information about your property manually! We will save your precious time and do all the integration for you!

Synchronize your Real Estate website with external feed!
Multiple Listings Services (MLS) is a collection of data with the list of all available properties for sale and rent in the different locality. In addition, the directory contains exhaustive file and information about all real estate agents and agencies in selected areas. Fastw3b Team created the irreplaceable service that gives you an opportunity to fill your website with exclusive content and manage the information about the best properties so that you can be #1 in the field!

Fastw3b MLS/IDX/XML Integration Service  it's:
  • 7 years of integration experience
  • Quick integration process
  • Life quality guarantee
  • Wide range of providers
  • 100s of successful integrations done
What is included?
  • 1 MLS integration OR 1 IDX integration OR 1 XML integration;
  • Up to 3500 properties integration from/to Real Estate website built on FW Real Estate extension;
  • Data import into fields, available in FW Real Estate extension
What is NOT included?
  • the cost of the main component, its add-ons, customization and a flat fee
  • adding new fields from MLS provider to the component. Please contact us if you need to add new fields to the component and modules
  • component, modules and templates layout/design changes. Please contact us if you need to redesign or change layout of properties listings
  • payments for registration at MLS website and other payments connected with website account
  • negotiations with MLS provider
MLS systems have been already integrated with FW Real Estate

Fastw3b Development Team has already integrated sites built with FW Real Estate with MFRMRS, Elkhart MLS, FLEXMLS,, West Penn MLS and others.   elkhart  flex mls  my florida  west penn 1

Integration with other MLS systems are also possible and can be implemented via RETS or IDX as well.

Way to integrate FW Real Estate with Trulia or Zillow portals

We are planning to develop a special plugin for FW Real Estate to make import/export to/from these sites simple and quick. Still we accept integration requests that can be done on individual and charged basis.

trulia  zillow

Transfer and populate all the fields from MLS provider website

By default only those fields included in FW Real Estate Pro will be populated with the information from MLS. Other fields included in listings of MLS provider should be added to the component additionally. Otherwise this information will be missed. Please contact us before if you want extra fields to be added to the component. This service is extra charged. The price depends on the scope of work and time frame.

What do you need from me to start MLS integration?

The only things we need from you to start:

  • access data to your account registered on MLS system,
  • URL to MLS service itself,
  • Joomla super-Admin and FTP-access to your website.
Price integration service from $ 450 to $ 799. Depending on your needs such as service with which need to integrate website, number of fields, etc. To get a price quote please fill out a short application. We will contact you within 1 business day!

Order MLS Service

Real Estate for Joomla – plugin review for real estate sites

FW Real Estate Realtor Joomla is one of the best decisions to create real estate websites. Developers can use specialized lists, extended search form, CTA (Call-to-action) and easy configuration. The plugin review will help to understand the advantages that a realtor will receive from this extension.

Main advantages

Adaptive items – the module architecture is designed so as graphic objects look equally well on devices of any size. Computer, smartphone, tablet – all customers will highly appreciate the site usability.

Advanced Search – Joomla real estate module offers the 14 most popular search fields with 3 layout options. The display is also configured. Category, price, area – the plugin allows setting up this and more.

Front-end manager – the agents will be able to manage their real estate at anytime and anywhere. The manager is configured to be displayed on mobile devices.

All the features of a real estate rental website template

There are more than 30 functions in the plugin – there's no point in trying to fully discuss each of them within the brief review. Therefore, we draw attention to the most important:

  • Automated currency conversion. The algorithm based on actual rates, so it always shows the relevant data.
  • Multilingual support. The support for full content translation into any language is built in the plugin.
  • Advanced layout settings. Layouts are designed on a grid that allows  applying different display options.
  • Advanced captcha. Google captcha is supported, as well as its setting.
  • Extended description. More than 50 parameters will help to create an ad that customers are really looking for.
  • Search templates. The client can save the search pattern to use it later.

Working with plugin

The documentation is available at FW Real Estate Documentation link. The plugin is compatible with Joomla 3.8 and later versions. To purchase FW Real Estate, follow these steps:

  1. go to FW Real Estate pricing page;
  2. the free real estate version of Joomla is not available, so choose a one-time purchase or annual subscription;
  3. select a payment method, fill in the information and pay for the purchase.

To install FW Real Estate, follow these steps:

  1. login to admin panel;
  2. select the “Extensions” item in the top menu and click on it;
  3. select the “Manage” item, then the “Install” button;

  4. upload zip file in a preferred way.

If the installation was successful, you will see an appropriate message on a green background.


Advanced search with a large number of fields permits to create a truly customer-friendly website, which allows setting important search criteria immediately and spend time on a detailed view of only those objects that are corresponded to the requirements. Consider, for instance, this option:

Most often, potential agency customers are interested in the following data, which should be displayed in search filters:

  • real estate transaction type (purchase, sale, rent);
  • object’s purpose (residential, commercial real estate);
  • location (country, city, district, proximity to infrastructure, etc.);
  • floor space;
  • number of rooms and bathrooms;
  • cost in the selected currency (the entire object, per square meter, range from... to);
  • floor;
  • photo, video, 3D-visualization;
  • etc.

All these fields are implemented with the FW Real Estate plugin. The client will only have to enter the required data for him/her and select the suitable apartment (house) from the drop-down list. With that, the user selectable criteria while completing search form are displayed with icons on the ad preview.

In general, the ability to set in the search form the above-listed components is an application-specific tool for real estate sale that allows making the fast way to the visual presentation of the sold object (just a few clicks), and the presentation as effective as possible. The potential client, considering such content in detail, can imagine himself/herself in the premises. This leads to a notable increase in the number of successful deals.


FW Real Estate is a powerful plugin that allows creating a full-fledged website for a real estate agency. It contains all the necessary elements to be convenient to manage such a site, and clients get exactly what they are looking for.

Upgrade Real Estate Website to the newest version of Joomla!

Looking for a way to upgrade your real estate website without losing your data and receive an improved interface and more functionality? Our Joomla Upgrade & Redesign Service is a quick and simple way to do it.

If your website is running Joomla! 1.0.x or 1.5.x, our team recommended to migrate it to Joomla! 2.5.x. and 3.x

There are many reasons why you should be upgrading your website from Joomla 1.5 and leaving the old Joomla.

Several reasons for migration to the new version of Joomla:

1. Easy of management and improved performance
2. Better security
3. Get along term support
4. Extensions Support
5. Opportunity to renovate and clean up your current website
6. Be aware of new updates and features

Fastw3b team with using the new service will copy all your existing files, duplicate your database, install Joomla 3.x, update your Admin area, save all your articles and data and switch you to the new Joomla 3.x Admin interface.

Why Real Estate Realtors need their own websites

Competition in the real estate market is growing day by day. Only successful companies that operate in several area and offer to their customers the most complete and high-quality range of services can survive in this environment.

Of great importance in this case is the company’s online representation. A well designed website will introduce your company's activities to the visitors as an effective tool for promoting products and services to potential customers.

Realtors who develop a site of their own enjoy great opportunities. If you have a web site, people can access the data base of your real estate agency at any time, view all property sale, purchase or lease offers, and apply for the most interesting options online.

Realtors can use their websites to post an unlimited amount of information, such as the following:

• real estate prices by city, regions, types of houses and apartments, which enables customers to select items of interest quickly;
• data on the terms of transaction registration, agency services and special promotions for customers available.

Thus, every realtor should have a website for the following reasons:

1. Show off their personalities
You need to use your website, blog, and social media to become a valuable resource of to-the-point and helpful information.

2. Brand your website
By introducing a site of your own you create a brand, as your website is a direct reflection of your goals and services.

3. Stay in contact
Internet presence will allow all current and potential clients to get in touch with you and access the information you have anytime and anywhere.

4. Promote their expertise
Creating a blog on your website could help you attract an audience and gain your readers’ trust. Having a blog enables the agent to keep potential clients informed of the latest news. Blog is a great place to post links to social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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