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FW Gallery tutorial for Joomla!

All <code>FW Gallery</code> admin sections that can be found at <strong>Joomla! Admin</strong> -> <strong>Components</strong> -> <strong>FW Gallery</strong> are described in this section with screenshots and parameters available.
All FW Gallery admin sections that can be found at Joomla! Admin -> Components -> FW Gallery are described in this section with screenshots and parameters available.

Topics in this section

Brief overview of product, current statistics, important checks and add-ons state with many other useful links and references.
Available FW Gallery add-ons to extend design and functionality of the platform.
Multi-level file Categories. Use category parameters to design unique style for a group of categories by setting parameters for parent category or individually.
Category Add/Edit
Category functional and design settings.
List of all files in all categories separated by file types with key parameters and status.
File Add/Edit
File parameters and description.
Full list of tags used with FW Gallery files. Table contains hits statistics and times assigned to files of different types.
Data Management
Backup/Restore FW Gallery data. Options can be extended depending on add-ons installed.
CSS Styles
Customize CSS styles with your own overrides in this section and keep it after upgrade. Only Custom CSS tab is editable all other files help to look up default styling and copy in case of need.
Back-end and front-end interface text translation for active languages. Translation language become available in dropdown if they are activated on the website.
Global FW Gallery parameters grouped by categories. Note that global Categories and Files design and layout parameters can be overwritten with individual category or file settings.