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FW Gallery tutorial for Joomla!

Topics in this section

FWG Slideshow Layout
Adds a slideshow view for galleries layout also available for Layout Anywhere module add-on. Full image slideshow presentation view with auto-scroll, thubmnails and file infobox. A wide list of settings available for infobox to configure what information goes with a slideshow.
FWG Tabbed Layout
One click categories access with speedy page reload. Tabbed Layout helps to simplify complex tree navigation and category load speed. Selected catgeories with their sub-categories are rendered as tabs/buttons flat structure, allowing to access any category with one click. Clicking a category will load a category view with its design and settings via AJAX (only gallery part will be reloaded, no the whole page).
FWG Front-end Manager
Galleries and files management via front-end.
FWG SEO Booster
Allows altering category and file pages URLs masking them using parameters like {site}, {category}, {file} or custom text. Also allows to set rules for file names and alt texts for your gallery files. Keep URLs, file names and alt tags unified and attractive for search engine bots.
FWG Files Import
Adds Import Files section to Admin -> Data Management -> Add-ons tab allowing importing files from a server folder, Instagram, Facebook and Google Photos.
FWG Tags
Add tags to any files, group files and create galleries by tags, search by tags using Tags Add-on.
FWG Vote & Rate
Stars rating or thumbs/heart votes will be shown for rateted/voted files in this column.
FWG File Meta Data
All meta information that comes with file gets imported.GEO location data importDate/time importTags importCamera settings import
FWG Featured Files
Highlight important files as featured to show them on top or use them for a separate showcase in Latest Module.
FWG Extended Joomla! Search
Advanced search for your Joomla website.
FWG Social Share
Share your images on social media.