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FW Gallery tutorial for Joomla!

<p>Display files from a category in a module in different layouts, with different filter options and ordering.</p><ul><li>3 layouts: Horizontal, Vertical, Slider</li><li>Layout configuration</li><li>Files limit</li><li>Ordering options</li></ul>

Display files from a category in a module in different layouts, with different filter options and ordering.

  • 3 layouts: Horizontal, Vertical, Slider
  • Layout configuration
  • Files limit
  • Ordering options
Module admin parameters
Module admin parameters
Module Class Suffix
A class name that is added to standard Joomla! 'moduletable' wrapper class.
Source category
Select a category you want to display files from.
Total files
Set a number of files to be displayed in a module. Leave empty to show all files.
Files in a row
A setting for Horizontal and Slider layouts. Specify a number of columns inside a module container.
An order for files to be displayed at.
File Info
A block of a file description that include all text and icons information. Here you may specify if this block is visible and how exactly it will be shown on a front-end.
File Name
Hides or show a file name.
File Upload Date
Displays a date when a file was uploaded.
File Owner
Shows Joomla! user name who created a category or was assigned as an owner.
File Description
Defines if category description should be shown.
File Download
Shows Download but for files which are physically stored on a website and can be downloaded as a file.
  • Vertical layout shows 'Files total' in one column occupying all module column width.
  • Horizontal layout shows 'Files total' in rows broken into columns specified by 'Files in a row'.
  • Slider layout shows 'Files total' in one row broken into columns specified by 'Files in a row' with an option to slide across all files shown.
Featured files FWG Featured
Specify how you want to display featured files in a module. Featured files will stand out among other files.
  • Show. Show featured files among other files.
  • Hide. Do not show featured files in this module.
  • Only featured. Show only featured files.