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FW Food Menu tutorial for Wordpress

Topics in this section

Text commands that allow to add FW Food Menu layouts to a post and define parameters available for layouts and add-ons. Shortcode always looks like [fwfm_shortcode parameter1="xyz" parameter2="abc" ...]. There 5 shortcodes available in FW Food Menu: [fwfm_categories] - categories list - FW Food Menu plugin. [fwfm_menu] - meals list - FW Food Menu plugin. [fwfm_mod_mealpromo] - single meal promo block - FWFM Promo add-on. [fwfm_mod_cart] - a summary of items in cart block - FWFM Order Basket add-on. [fwfm_mod_categories] - a clickable list of selected categories - FWFM Categories List add-on. Apart from shortcode there are plugins extensions that we call add-ons which can be turned off with any shortcode if required. See Plugins section below for more information. By default all installed add-ons (plugins) are on.