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Meal Add/Edit

FW Food Menu tutorial for Wordpress

Add new or modify existing meal by setting parameters below. All installed add-ons parameters will be availabe here as well.
Located in WP Admin -> Menu Sidebar -> FW Food Menu -> Meals -> click New/Edit button
Save all meal parameters and remain on edit form. Helpful when you try different parameters and check changes on a front-end.
Save & Close
Save all meal parameters and close edit form going back to Meals list.
Save & New
Save all parameters for a current meal and open a New meal edit form.
Save as Copy
Create a New meal based on a current meal settings and remain on edit form.
Dismiss all changes and close edit meal form.
Details Section
Details Section
Publish state indicates if a meal is visible on front-end (site).
Select category for a meal to display under.
Set a text name for a meal to display on a front-end.
Align meal title, description and price left, center or right. If set to default a Category or global Settings Alignment parameter will be used.
Set a price for a meal in a Currency defined in Settings. Decimal part is controlled via Price ending zero parameter in Settings.
Prices & discounts table FWFM Prices & Discounts
Pricing table with labels and special price to highlight discounted options. Decimal part is controlled via Price ending zero parameter in Settings.
Table columns
Text label that shows a meal size or a short comment on the left of a price.
Current price for a meal set in a currency defined in Settings.
Special price
Usually a discounted price for a meal. Will show up as a pair of old crossed price and highlighted new price.
Meal description Section
HTML meal description editor selected in your global admin Settings.
Title bages Section FWFM Meal Badges
Title bages Section
Use Font Awesome badges with hover hints added via Badges section to add extra info to a meal title.
Image position Section
Set where image should show or hide it if not needed for this meal.
Image file Section
An image file for a meal to show in a menu. GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG image formats are allowed.
Meal image Section FWFM Images
Meal image Section
Meal Image shown on a front-end according to layout settings defined in category or Settings.
Color & background Section FWFM Color & Background
Use text and background color or image to set a unique style for a meal.
Use text and background color or image to set a unique style for a meal.
Meal title color
Change a color of a title that works better for your design.
Meal text color
Set a text color that is in contrast with meal background color.
Meal background color
Set a solid color for all meals in a category.
Meal background image
Set a meal image that will be show underneath meal elements repeated from top to bottom, left to right. You can style meals with CSS Styles section as well as other elements that need tuning.
Meal border
Set width in pixels, type and color (hex color constant like #23fe45) for a meal container.