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FWG Files on Map

FW Gallery tutorial for Wordpress
<p>Galleries and images display on Google Maps.</p><ul><li>Slick and easy-to-navigate map</li><li>Zoom and map height setting</li><li>Galleries and images filter</li></ul>

Galleries and images display on Google Maps.

  • Slick and easy-to-navigate map
  • Zoom and map height setting
  • Galleries and images filter
Module admin parameters
Module admin parameters
Module class suffix
A class name that is added to standard Joomla! 'moduletable' wrapper class.
Google Maps key
Google Maps key from your account to activate maps preview.
Module height, px
A mam module height in pixels.
Select categories which files should be shown on a map.
Thumb width, px
A width of a file preview thumbnail.
Thumb height, px
A height of a file preview thumbnail.

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