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Functional add-ons

FW Gallery tutorial for Wordpress

There is a list of functional add-ons that extend main functionality. Those add-ons can be switched on/off using plugins parameter. If multiple add-ons needs to be switched off, use I (pipe) symbol to add an extra add-on.

Example: [fwmg_categories plugins="tag:off|meta:off"]

The list of available parameters can be found below.

Add-on nameParameter
FWG Front-end Manageradmin
FWG Tabbed Layoutcascading
FWG Featured Filesfeatured
FWG Files on Mapmap
FWG Files Meta Datameta
FWG SEO Boosterseobooster
FWG Slideshow Layoutslideshowview
FWG Social Sharesocial
FWG Vote & Ratevote
FWG Tagstag