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Category layout

FW Gallery tutorial for Wordpress

[fwmg_categories] section
[fwmg_categories] FW Gallery

Categories shortcode shows a category or categories selected as a list of their sub-categories (if any) and files grid. If category is not set, all top categories will be shown.

Please note that every category has lots of parameters for design and layout in admin panel.

... category_id or categories

Set categories by their IDs or names.

Options: comma separated category IDs or | (pipe symbol) separated category names.

Example IDs: [fwmg_categories category_id="2,14,8"]
Example names: [fwmg_categories categories="Some category 1 | Another category 2"]
... layout

Select a category layout to present sub-categories and files in a way appropriate for your needs.

Options: list, grid, flat, slideshow.

Example: [fwmg_categories layout="slideshow"]

List FW Gallery native layout - a table-like grid structure for sub-categories and files grids.

Flat FWG Flat Layout - a category layout with all subcategories being shown in sections making a long page with all files on one single page.

Grid FWG Cascading Layout - a tab-like category layout with all selected categories and their sub-categories listed on top and loaded with AJAX with their own design and settings.

Slideshow FWG Slideshow Layout - a slide show files presentation of a category with its sub-categories listed on top of a slideshow area. Lots of settings are available for configuration.

... add_params

Additional parameters for the Slideshow layout can be added via add_params parameter separated with a | (pipe) symbol.

slideshow_ordering - category files ordering in a slideshow.
Options: order, alpha, old, new, random.

  • order - by ordering set in WP Admin;
  • alpha - by alphabet from A to Z;
  • old - by date, the oldest first;
  • new - by date, the newest first;
  • random - random ordering, will change every time a page is reloaded.

slideshow_qty - a number of files to load for thumbnails at slideshow load.
Value: integer number.

slideshow_position - define where category files thumbnails must be located in relation to slideshow area.
Options: bottom, top, left, right, none.

slideshow_navigation - thumbnails can be clickable image buttons or can be a carousel slider with files image preview moving along with a mouse or a finger move.
Options: buttons, carousel.

slideshow_thumb - Thumbnails size will be square and will fit all space to look nice in thumbnail line.
Value in pixels: integer.

slideshow_show_big_image - Hiding main image allows to keep only thumbnail slider and have it as a slider with quick preview of category files.
Boolean: true, false.

Example: [fwmg_categories category_id="7" layout="slideshow" add_params="slideshow_qty:20|slideshow_position:bottom|slideshow_thumb:80"]